POSTVORTA Ravenna, Italy

While there are many bands that traverse and explore the same terrain as heavy titans Neurosis and Isis, very few of those bands embrace these influences and yet do not feel like imitators.

POSTVORTA, the pulverizing sextet from Ravenna, Italy are ones who incorporate a similar style as their influences, but move themselves and the listener through stunning corridors of sound
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Track Name: Colostro
Slumber sovereign, watchfire.
We crawl back to you as we were tied.
Heal us from the light,
Bless us with the soil.
Free from scorn.
Servants of the rite we’re purifying,
carved from the entrails,
sons of your womb:
Heirs of the rope.
A safe place, an hollow ground,
Bless us with the soil.
Free from woe, free from famine.
Towards the inside with our eyes closed,
As you nourish, we lay to rest,
Heirs of the rope carved from your entrails.
Track Name: Cervice
Surrender to the flow,
We divide, apart, through the path of separation.
Clean the eyelids, wash the skin.
In every breath we sink together drowning in the air.
A pulse to leave, a pyre to burn,
a sight sore that dim all lights,
heartbeats swarms. Rises and beckon.
Beacon of creation, with brimstone woven hands
Awake from the slumber and cannot conceive.
A cold stare. Adrift.
A tread to life, a triumph of grief,
Let you embrace from a pale warm sleep.
Track Name: Patau
Torn and divided,
collected in mothers arms.
The path is revealed, the hand sees.
Every step razes remembrance to the ground.
Towards light with soiled knees.
Open wounds becomes faint.
The lure heal the scars.
Gathered in mothers arms.
Cleanse the soul and the entrails.
Torn from the chest,
Dormant in the womb,
Choked by the cold blue sky.
Belie your fear,
Worship the blind eye,
Towards ages dissolve.